Overflight & Landing Permits

Our dedicated operations team based in Nigeria and Dubai are experts in complex international aviation regulations, and always ready to assist you with their wealthy knowledge and global coverage.

Every country has its own set of rules, regulations and procedures for granting permits to flights desirous of landing or even entering their air space. The permit application procedures require complete flight information and important documents, along with several other formalities, which is why we made sure that our team is made up of experienced, dynamic, active professionals, capable of securing all required permits in a fast and efficient way

Over the years, Zeefass Flight Support has established crucial relations with the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) across the globe. This allows us to offer shortest turnaround time in seeking the necessary permits and flight clearances. Zeefass looks after airspace clearance for a wide range of flights, from commercial airlines to VIP flight operators and emergency aviation.

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