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What is an Acquisition Agent?

In its simplest terms, an Acquisition Agent is charged with the responsibility of providing their client with options. Zeefass Aviation Services does this by researching the marketplace, analyzing all available aircraft, and assisting their client with the selection and negotiation for purchase of the “Right” aircraft.

  • The advantages of using an Acquisition Agent are many, including the ability for you to remain anonymous. You may not want it known that you are shopping for an aircraft.
  • Having an acquisition agent also allows you to negotiate through a third-party. Many transactions would not have been consummated if buyer and seller were negotiating directly.

  • Experience! Zeefass Aviation Services, Unlike many Acquisition Agents, we do more than simply provide a list of available aircraft, wait for the deal to close and collect a fee. Zeefass Aviation Services differs from other agents in many ways, not the least of which is that we do not limit our client’s options to only those aircraft listed in trade publications.
  • If, after providing all “available” aircraft on the market to you for consideration, the “Right” aircraft is not immediately identified, we will begin contacting all the owners of that particular make and model aircraft (or others) in an effort to uncover additional aircraft that are soon to come to market.

  • No, not at all! Once we have identified all possible aircraft, our role as Acquisition Agent really begins. Selecting the “Right” aircraft involves more than merely comparing prices. We focus each aircraft acquisition on a “Best Value” basis, meaning that we take many factors into consideration, such as price, engine times, ownership and maintenance history, if the aircraft flew Part 91 or 135, cosmetics, etc. Only then do we make our recommendations to you. Thereafter, we handle all negotiations and contracting, thus minimizing your legal review.
  • We believe it is in your best interest that we be intimately involved throughout the acquisition process, from research through final delivery. Acquiring an aircraft does not have to take up a lot of your time and be stressful. Over the years, we have performed this same task very effectively for our customers. We are pleased that so much of our business comes from repeat customers. We trust that if you choose us to acquire an aircraft, you will be delighted with the aircraft we find.

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