Aircraft Leasing

An aircraft broker serves many functions. By definition, an aircraft broker is charged with introducing buyers to sellers. A more correct description for Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc.’s role is as an Aviation Marketing Agent. We do much more than make simple introductions. Although this brief description sounds simple, it is quite an intensive process.

Unlike many brokers, we do much more than simply introduce buyer and seller. Zeefass Aviation Services handles all aspects of the transaction. From listing the aircraft to closing the sale, we believe it is in your best interest to have us intimately involved throughout the sales process from listing through final delivery. Selling an aircraft does not have to be stressful and take up a lot of your time.

Zeefass Aviation Services. is a company made up of aviation marketing and acquisition professionals committed to providing exclusive, dedicated service to our customers. Many brokers simply list an aircraft with the listing services or run an occasional ad, waiting for their phone to ring. We feel this shortchanges the customer.

We take a very aggressive and proactive approach to marketing aircraft. In order to make your aircraft “stand out” against its competitors, we give it maximum exposure to an international audience. Unlike other brokers, we handle all negotiations and contracting (with your direction); legal review is thus greatly reduced. Zeefass Aviation Services. allows you to negotiate through a third-party.

Many transactions would not have been consummated if buyer and seller negotiated directly. By utilizing Zeefass Aviation Services as your broker, we will initiate a thorough marketing process from the start, thereby reducing your holding costs, including insurance, hangar, calendar maintenance etc.

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